Our EPoS software suite consists of Till software, Back office Software, Website, Web Integration and our new Windows Tablet Stock Control/Picking Software.

It is a very stable and feature rich suite of POS software applications offering features including:

Chip & Pin integration, Gift Card Processing, Customer Loyalty Point Scheme, E-commerce, Ecommerce Integration, Ebay Integration, Stock Control, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Export Mode, Training Mode, VAT Inclusive/Exclusive and Hospitality. Basically everything for your retail POS system.


EPoS Software

EPOS software from POS LTDOur XSELL EPoS Software has been developed to satisfy the ever more demanding role of retail EPoS software. In today's retail environment it is essential to utilise all of the technology available to improve your response to customer needs and expectations while giving maximum power to your sales personnel.

The Point of Sale is no longer a simple cash register, but a fully interactive terminal capable of everything from Stock Enquiries and Promotions to Customer Loyalty, Gift Card Processing and Chip & Pin.

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Back Office POS Software

EPOS back office softwareXSELL Back Office and Head Office Solutions provide all the features needed to run a modern retail business. The Back Office communicates seamlessly with both our XSELL Till Software and integrated website.
It is a feature rich and tightly coupled suite of programs allowing you to manage: Stock Control, Purchasing, Customer Loyalty, Prices and Promotions. A powerful and flexible suite of Reporting tools give you the insights you need when making important business decisions.

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Integrated Ecommerce

Integrated EPOS to WebsiteOur Ecommerce solution gives you a highly integrated web store where products, prices and promotions are seamlessly propagated to your website. Orders are quickly collected to allow you to process them in good time whilst down-dating stock levels to minimise overselling.
We can also integrate to your Ebay Store giving you another sales channel and the edge your business deserves.
If you have an established website, our Web Connector software can be used independently to move data to and from it.

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Tablet Software

EPOS Picking and Stock Taking Tablet - a valuable addition to your POS software

Our Windows Tablet software sends requests to RF Server over your WIFI network making it possible for you to access some of the functionality of the Back Office while away from the back office PC.

This POS software functionality includes booking goods into stock, stock taking, purchase order creation and price checking. As most of these functions involve the input of product codes or barcodes it is recommended that a tablet with a built in barcode scanner is used, alternatively you can use an ordinary tablet with an external USB scanner.

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