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EPOS with table management

Our XSELL EPoS solution has been developed to satisfy the ever more demanding role of retail EPoS software. In today's retail environment, it is essential to utilise all of the technology available to improve your response to customer needs while giving maximum power to your sales personnel.

The point of sale is no longer a simple cash register, but a fully interactive terminal capable of everything from Stock Enquiries and Promotions through to Customer Loyalty, Gift Card Processing and Chip & Pin.


Sports Clubs

EPOS with presets

Our EPoS Solution, XSELL, is a truly scalable and flexible solution for sports clubs. Whether you require membership discounts, loyalty schemes and/or fast product selections; our XSELL system will handle it easily and reliably.

Our fast product selection screens are designed and created by you to allow your users to find products more quickly to process customers orders faster.


Sale Switching

EPOS with table management

With the XSELL system, you can have 4 sales being processed simultaneously. If a user is processing a very large order but another user needs to process a smaller order, the large order can be ‘saved’ whilst the smaller order is completed. The large order can then be retrieved and completed. All this can be done in a couple of clicks of a button. This feature is designed to ensure your customers are serviced quickly and efficiently.


Member Discount & Loyalty

EPOS with bill splitting

Our EPoS solution is packed with useful features. One of the most commonly used, in the sports club market, is the member discount feature. This allows the user to set a different price for any single product depending who is purchasing it. The XSELL system can utilise a card based member entry. Just swipe the card to log in the customer, select your products and start saving straightaway. Alternatively, members can accrue loyalty points, at a ‘point per pound’ rate of your choosing, in order to redeem those points for a monetary value at a later date.





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