Central Setup of Products

central setup of product data - EPoS with ecommerceSet up your product data once and have it automatically sent to your website. This includes full description, price and categorisation details as well as product images. If you only want certain products to be on sale online then you can easily configure which products are sent up to your website.   

Central Setup of Promotions

website promotionsA very powerful feature often not available on other systems is the automatic propagation of promotions to your linked POS website. These include temporary sale prices and multi-buy promotions. You can also flag products that you want to bring attention to without lowering their price so that they are highlighted on your site's home page. Not all EPoS with ecommerce is this well integrated.

Orders Collected for Central Processing

Any orders placed on the POS integrated eCommerce website or third party integrated website, are automatically picked up and processed by our backoffice solution. This allows for easy tracking, picking and dispatching of all orders placed. Each picking list produced shows images of the products, bin locations, departments and more to allow the picking to run as smoothly as possible. Orders are dispatched using our EPoS Solution which can also run on backoffice equipment.

Customer Loyalty Points

website loyalty scheme - EPoS and ecommerce systemsThe POS Loyalty module is fully integrated with your POS ecommerce website. Therefore automatically links customers spend data from within XSELL thus providing your business a powerful level of customer insight. By knowing your customers you can identify consumer behaviour and understand purchasing patterns, all of which can be used for marketing purposes.

Accept Gift Cards

Accept giftcards on websiteGift Cards can be used for purchases both in store and online from your POS ecommerce website.
The power to process Gift Card payments online additionally makes the location of the end customer less important giving you another advantage over in store only Gift Card solutions.

As these cards are given as a gift, the recipient may well not be an existing customer so it's a great way to gain new customers.

Search Engine Friendly

search engine freindlyMaking your website attractive to search engines is a big concern for site owners so we have ensured that all pages have suitable META Titles and META Descriptions. To make internal link URLs more friendly we dynamically add keywords to them, and where at all possible, we make sure that a page can only be accessed through a single URL making it easier for search engines to index your site.

As content is king with search engines there is a section on each category page where you can enter up the type of textual content that search engines love. For the same reason, we are currently adding a blogging element to our solution.


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