Hospitality EPOS with presets and table management
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Table Management

EPOS with table management

Our solution features an intuitive graphical view of the restaurant, including table setup.

The system enables you to configure different table setups for the restaurant and scroll between floor plans.

The graphical table view makes it easy for members of staff to find their tables quickly and easily, making sure that all customers are being provided a speedy and professional service.

If you have a complicated setup, we are on hand to help you get started.

Hospitality Presets

EPOS with presets

The XSELL software enables you to quickly configure screens of preset products which can be quickly navigated through to access your most commonly purchased meals and drinks.

The presets screen has a bright and modern feel which can also be configured to display your company logo.

These features make our solution popular with a range of businesses including retail stores and delis that incorporate an in store cafe.

Mobile Ordering

EPOS with table management

Our solution allows you to take customers food and drinks orders directly at the customers table.

This is our most efficient method of getting your customer orders from the table to the kitchen/bar area for quick preparation.

The mobile ordering system eliminates the possibility of mistakes occurring due to unintelligible hand writing, which is an all too common issue.

Every order can be viewed on every EPoS device across our system simultaneously and if any order amendments are done, they are updated in real time across all devices.

Bill Splitting

EPOS with bill splitting

Our hospitality solution comes with bill splitting as standard.

There's no need to tot up what each individual has ordered or how much it costs anymore; just use the easy, itemised bill splitting function.

Follow the intuitive screen to select which items an individual wishes to pay for. The remaining items can be split further or even paid off in full.

If you just want to split the bill equally across 2, 3 or 4 people, you can do that too with a click of a button.

Other Features

Orders that need to be prepared in the kitchen or bar can be configured to be sent automatically to relevant printers spread across the business.

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