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EPoS for Multi Store Retailers

The POS Solution, XSELL, is a truly scalable and flexible solution to the multiple retailer.

It has been installed in many different configurations in businesses of varying sizes from small chains to big name high street retailers.

Examples of different EPoS system configurations:

  • Multiple Sites with Single Point of Sale Terminal
  • Multiple Sites with Multiple Points of Sale
  • Multiple Sites with Single Point of Sale Terminal and an Integrated web-site
  • Multiple Sites with Multiple Point of Sale Terminals and an Integrated web-site


XSELL Multi-Branch Manager is ideally suited to run as a head office solution for the smaller retailer and just as importantly as a Stores Controller when integrated/interfaced to an existing or planned corporate head office solution for the large retailer. As an example we have integrated with SAP at the corporate end and with Sage for the smaller companies.


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