What is EPoS, and Why Should I have One?

So, what exactly is EPoS?

An EPoS systems stores and gives accurate data about your sales, stock, and customer behaviour. An EpoS till collects sales transaction data and stores it on a secure server. It records what was sold, how much was paid and when it was sold.
Let’s have a look at how you can use this data to boost business.

Maximise Profits

Your stock management is the key to building profits. Seeing trends in real time helps you to be really efficient at stock ordering. Using the reporting functions means you can plan for seasonal fluctuations. This avoids tying up too much of your cash flow on stock or selling out too soon. You can also more easily avoid slow sellers. With easy, automated promotions you can also shift ‘sticky’ items.

Promotions are a great way to maximise profits and they are easy to set up in advance.

Loyalty cards are a great way to promote your business. Having it integral to your EPoS system automates the process and means you can capture data and use it to tailor further promotions to your customer base based on their buyer history.

Streamline Processes

Touch screens and easy to navigate presets means the till is efficient for both staff and customers.

With suppliers, their terms and lead times all set up, purchasing is a doddle and being able to email your order from the EPoS system saves you even more time.

Getting a delivery in is also a piece of cake. Just scan it against the purchase order and print your barcode labels. The system will let you know any discrepancies and it will also accommodate part received deliveries. Stock levels will update in real time.

Automated promotions are another great way to streamline your processes, just choose the kind of promotion you want, the products you want to apply it to and the start/end dates. EPoS will run it for you. You can even print out labels for it so you can start advertising it.

Track staff shifts, pay and sales to help with payroll.

Integrate your ecommerce website with your EPoS. As soon as you add a product to the software it automatically propagates to the website – no more double handling, and no more overselling.

Minimise Workload

Everything outlined above can ultimately lead to lessening your workload. The biggest payback in your EPoS system is the reporting suite. There are hundreds of reports you can utilise to drill down into your sales, stock and customer data. Each report means you can plan the future in the short, mid and long term.

Get the Right Fit

Find an EPoS system that can do all this and more, and check how many of the features are included in the price..
Here at POS LTD, we work with businesses large and small. We’d love you to show you the above features, and more. Why not book a free online demo to see how our EPoS system could be a perfect fit for your business.

Posted: 16-11-2022


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