The advantages of dedicated on-site EPoS

Everything is being pushed towards the cloud these days and there are advantages to this, but also drawbacks.

Cloud based POS systems tend to be off-the-shelf solutions. Great for if you are a small enterprise with very simple point of sale needs and can run everything from a tablet. Also great if you are trading from somewhere with a strong and stable internet connection. In these circumstances a ready-made cloud solution is all you need.

The more traditional, dedicated on site EPoS system looks set to remain the preferred method for many businesses, and here’s why:

The bespoke element – With an on-site solution you can tailor the software to your needs. Providers are able to tailor their offering to specific industries which have specific needs. For instance, we work with equestrian stores and have developed our software to incorporate Veterinary Medicines Regulations at the point of sale.

The growth element – There is ample capacity for your business to grow, develop or branch-off into different areas and your EPoS system will keep pace. With tailor made back office software, despite any business expansion, you will find you’re spending less time at your desk. The software is designed to allow you to streamline and control every part of your business.

The Connectivity element – With a cloud solution, if your internet signal is weak or drops out, then you have to stop trading. When the signal is restored you often have to re-boot every point of sale to get up and running again. An on-site server EPoS system is not internet dependent which is particularly good in more rural areas where there is less coverage.

The future is hybrid – Nowadays a hybrid solution is the most popular, especially for businesses that have ambitions to grow. A tailored on-site EPoS system with roaming handheld devices (for instance; ordering at table, mobile stock check etc.) are what businesses are investing in today to ensure their tomorrow.

Talk to us about how our EPoS software can take your business into tomorrow.

Posted: 26-11-2021


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