The Upsides of an Upgrade

As the old adage goes; ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And like most adages there’s truth in it. However, it’s just as true to say; ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t mean it can’t be way better’. When it comes to EPoS systems there are good arguments for not letting your equipment get too long in the tooth.


Anything technology related does not age well. It starts to get cranky. Software is constantly updating itself with the latest developments, developments the hardware was not built to run. The newest hardware has faster processing speeds and greater storage capacity. With the latest technology you get super-fast till speeds and a lot less down time, which is always going to be a hit with your customers.


It might be a detail, but customers are bound to notice the small things. You put a lot of effort into the way your venue is presented to the clientele and that shouldn’t stop at the point of sale. New hardware is sleek, compact and efficient. It definitely promotes the idea that you take their custom seriously!


Security is a big issue with computers, phones and tablets, and it’s no different with tills. The latest software and hardware has the most robust hacking and malware defences.
Newer EPoS software should also have the capability to manage the level of permission each staff member has. This means you can restrict who has the authority to every level of data or carry out certain transactions.

Integrated payments

It pays to go with the big players in this. Choose a payment provider whose system can integrate with your EPoS software and do away with keying mistakes. With an integrated system, the till talks directly to the chip and pin device, making the whole experience swifter, smoother and error-free.


Choose an EPoS system that gives you the complete range or reporting functionality – sales breakdowns, seasonal fluctuation tracking, as well as stock, promotions, customer and staff management.

Talk to us about how the latest EPoS systems give you all the tools you need to boost efficiency and maximise profits.

Posted: 27-06-2022


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