The Perils of Old Kit

I grew up in an age where things were made to last – trains, fridges, washing machines, a mother’s ability to hold a grudge. And if things weren’t made to last they were made fixable, like vacuum cleaners and cars. Where once your car came with a manual showing you how to change a spark plug, now it comes with a handy diagram encouraging you not to drink battery acid, and the bonnet release is on the passenger side.

It feels like as life goes on the pace of change gets faster. This is an illusion that feels real. The seat of this increased pace is technology. Technology is constantly in development and at an eye-watering speed. The tech giants who sell us this technology want us to buy the latest thing to boost their profits. We could thumb our noses at them and keep hold of our reddies, but ultimately it’s a false economy.

Whether it’s software, a pc, a till, a printer or a server, the same rules apply to aging or out of date equipment.


Or lack of.

Like us, our trusty equipment slows as it ages. You start to notice it’s cranky and developing foibles as all the gubbins inside start to feel the strain of repetitive use. Things get serious where software is concerned when it’s running out of date. Guaranteed it will slow everything down, which means it slows your customer service down. Continuing to run obsolete versions of software will have a big effect, and if things go wrong you are on your own so far as support and the ability to retrieve data goes.


Or lack of.

Ditto the above. You can buy a brand new, shiny computer but if you load an obsolete software package on to it you’re going to be short a few bangs and whistles. It’s possible to run into problems if you replace one bit of kit and ask it to play with obsolete hardware or software. They just don’t speak the same language and misunderstandings abound.


Or lack of.

Ditto all of the above but this one’s more serious when it comes to out of date or obsolete software and servers. It’s a lot harder to keep things secure. You are much more exposed to malware and ransomware . If you hold any data about your customers you are contravening GDPR if your software is obsolete because it won’t have the latest security in place. If data gets stolen you could be held accountable.

I’d like to think there is wisdom and beauty in the old things. In fact I cling on to this notion with all the strength I can muster. It does not, sadly, apply to hardware and software. Where that’s concerned we need to embrace the new, because it really is better for you and your business.

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Posted: 18-02-2022


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