The 3 ways EPoS stock management boosts profits

Stock management is one of the fundamentals when it comes to streamlining your business and maximizing profits. If you’re still using time-consuming and manual methods, it might be good to know there’s another way. Having your till integrated with a back office software suite that does all the heavy lifting, is bound to make things easier and more profitable.

Here’s how…

Cash Flow

A lot of your cash is tied up in stock. If your stock management is efficient you will maximise profit. With integrated software you can see what your best sellers are and also your slow-moving items. This gives you all the tools you need when it comes to freeing up the money sitting on your shelves.

Keep a real-time eye on best selling stock. Back office software can also easily report on sales of any colour or size variances. You can keep more of the best selling stock as needed and run down/order fewer of the rest.

Integrated software means that you can make predictions on how future sales will likely be. This is great news for being able to accurately predict seasonal variances. An absolute must for optimum cash flow.

Stock levels

With an innovative stock system you can avoid the very costly pitfalls of:

- Dead stock. Identify low sale products before it’s too late. Easily set up promotions and discounts on individual or ranges of products to encourage sales. This not only allows you the best chance of recouping money while the stock still has value, but also frees up all that dead space in your stock room!
- Out of stock. Intuitive software will tell you when your stock is getting low and when to re-order based on real time sales
- Overselling. With a back office suite that offers real time stock levels, you’ll never oversell again. That awful moment when you’ve sold something online and in store but there’s only one left. Having to give a refund for lack of stock will always dent a customer’s trust.

Stock check, take and ordering

Make short work of a stock check with an integrated EPoS system. Similarly, stock taking is not half as laborious or time consuming with a hand held device with barcode scanner, which feeds directly to the back office.

With integrated software, there are loads of time-saving tools. From order templates with all details set up, minimum and maximum order numbers, to stock-level triggers for re-ordering.

All these tools ensure your stock management is totally accurate, minimises time spent on them and ultimately maximising your profits.

Unlike many providers, at POS, the whole XSELL back office suite is included so you can grow your business your way.

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Posted: 16-03-2022


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