Standing Out from the Crowd

Every company needs a Unique Selling Point; something that makes it stand out from the crowd; something that adds value. We are proud of ours. In a break from the industry norm, we give our customers access to the whole range of our software functionality from the off. Everything is included at no extra cost.

The reason we do this is simple. Every business is on its own growth projection. As it grows, the means to oversee it and keep it running optimally become more complex. We want our customers to have all the tools to manage the business and streamline processes at their disposal.

The Xsell Suite

POS offers feature-rich back office software enabling you to run things efficiently, make the most out of profits, and maybe even have the odd day off.

Stock Management

Xsell’s stock inventory feature helps you to know exactly how much stock is needed. It also helps to keep ahead of the demand curves, so you have the right amount of stock, and plan for seasonal changes. You have an overview of how often products sell so you can keep stock levels efficient and avoid spoiling.

Promotions and Loyalty Management

From XSell you can integrate promotions, discounts and loyalty schemes seamlessly with your tills and website. Discounts can be made by product, range, or banded groups of customers. Harvesting data from loyalty and gift cards as well as customer band discounts gives you insights into customer behavior, allowing you to target further campaigns based on preferences.

Purchase order reporting

Reduce admin time and financial implications of over/under purchasing. Create templates, set up minimum and maximum order trigger points by individual or multiple suppliers or use our barcode scanner to quickly create a purchase order.


Make the most of our reporting software so you can then make the most of your profits and free time! Xsell includes all financial reconciliations, best and worst sellers, staff and customer analysis, VAT calculations and full audit transaction logs.

We’re here to give you the tools you need to streamline and grow your business. Contact us for a free online demo.

Posted: 31-01-2022


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