Running Promotions through EPOS systems

Running Promotions through EPOS Systems

At POS Limited, our EPOS software helps you easily and effectively set up, run and analyse promotional campaigns.

It’s also very easy to apply promotions to specific products, product ranges, brands or seasonal items. Being able to set up the promotions in advance gives you and your staff time to plan and do all other promotional activity around it. The system will automatically apply the promotion for the days selected.

Promotions are a great way to promote new ranges, seasonal products, or even shift products that haven’t been selling so well and are taking valuable space up in the stock room.

Promote this...

There are a number of ways you can set the system up:
• Pick ‘n’ Mix – e.g. Buy 3 for £15.00
• Fixed Saving – e.g. Buy 2 save £2.50
• Multibuy – e.g. Buy 3 get 1 free
• Lowest reduced – By 3 get lowest priced item at a reduced cost
• Value – e.g. Spend over £150 and get a free item

You can also set up voucher codes, which is a great way to market to your current customer base as well as promoting to new ones.

Analyse this...

Look at customer spend habits across the promotion. Which products have sold the best and have any not done so well?

A comprehensive reporting suite at your fingertips is your best weapon in increasing sales. You can use this data to chart exactly how well your promotion has done, as well as inform and craft future promotions.

See the buying activity of your regular customers and shape your next campaign to appeal to them.

Getting an overview of buying habits over time means you can plan ahead and make the most of promotions.

Try this...

We offer free no-obligation online demonstrations of our software features. Get in touch to see how the promotion suite will free up your time and maximise sales.

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Posted: 28-06-2023


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