POS helps with a unique Spanish/Welsh fusion

An editorial ran in this November's Venue Insight magazine featuring an editorial on how POS software has been helping Ultracomida run their multi branch restaurant/bar, deli and wine warehouse enterprise.

Ultracomida are a Spanish delicatessen and wine merchant based in Wales. Cardiff is host to a tapas bar (Curado Bar) and wine bar (Vermut). Aberystwyth hosts a large delicatessen with a wine room, as well as a wine warehouse outlet, which is now open to the public, holding a comprehensive selection of Spain’s finest wines, olives, olive oils and snacks. Narberth is the home to a restaurant/delicatessen.

Director Paul Grimwood says: “Why are we different? We source directly from Spain to your plate and glass. No hype, just great produce.”

Flexible Solutions

Ultracomida began in 2001 as a small delicatessen with a few take-out options and since then it has grown year on year. It was in 2010, when the business branched into online sales that Paul began to search for an EPoS system.

He says: “The off-the-shelf offerings weren’t flexible enough to be workable. That’s why POS stood out for me. They developed solutions for what I needed to do.”

The XSell back office suite POS provides gives Paul an overview of all operations in one place. The Ultracomida warehouse serves all the venues. All the dishes served in the restaurants are made from ingredients sold in the delis. Paul explains: “The integration of the warehouse with the shops simplifies the ordering at shop level, including changes in pricing and costings throughout the group.”

Taking Stock

The POS software makes short work of keeping an eye on stock levels and raising purchase orders. It is also integrated with the Ultracomida website, so Paul can see stock numbers in real time.
He says: “It really helps me to have a system which allows me to see exactly what’s going on in each venue. Being able to run reports on sales means I can stock efficiently.”

Till Then

The point of sale software is designed to help the busy restaurant. It is feature rich, including table management, bill splitting, plenty of presets, automatic order to kitchen, integrated loyalty cards and card payments.

Paul comments: “The POS system streamlines operations and really helps to deliver a positive customer experience.”

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Posted: 18-11-2021


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