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Manual systems of managing inventory are long winded and prone to error. More automated systems which don’t address issues you really need them to are just as bad.

Automating and integrating your point of sale and back office systems will revolutionise the way your business operates so you can:

  • Maximise profits
  • Streamline processes
  • Minimise workloads

Stock balance

A lot of your capital is out there on your shelves and the ability to closely monitor movements will pay dividends. Reliable data means you can keep a real-time eye on how products are selling and so pre-empt what’s needed and when.
An integrated epos system gives you data analysis tools to get an overview on what your best and worst sellers are.

Product Turnover

Reporting on how many times your products sell allows you to make sure enough products are on the shelves and avoid disappointing your customers by selling out. Being able to report on selling rates of the most popular sizes or colours means you can invest your capital efficiently. These days, with many retail stores also selling online, you can avoid overselling by having accurate stock level data at all times.

Dead stock is a serious drain on resources, absorbing capital which would be better spent elsewhere. The ability to recognising at risk stock gives you the chance to apply discounts, add them to promotions and even include them in ‘bundles’ with more popular products. Shifting stock while it still has value makes the most of your investment.

Supplier Balance

An innovative stock management system stores useful supplier information, not just their contact details. Choose your reorder methods such as MIN/ MAX or RQL/ROL. Log what the minimum and maximum order quantities are, delivery lead times and any price brakes and payment terms. Coupled with sales data, you have the overview on what needs reordering when.

Accurate Planning

A modern system gives you all the data you need to plan. Effectively build up a detailed picture of seasonal fluctuations in sell rates. The ability to predict means you can be ready for any sales spikes and never disappoint a customer again.

Taking Stock

The XSELL back office software solution is everything your business needs to grow efficiently. You have the competitive advantage if you have complete control and overview of your stock, suppliers, customers, stores and online sales all in one place.
If you are spending too much time on stock management and trying to put right errors we can show you how XSELL stock management can be a boon for your business.

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Posted: 19-03-2024


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