Investing in EPOS for the long term

An EPOS system links your point of sales with management and reporting software, allowing you to easily manage every area of your business.

The decision to invest in an EPOS system, or to switch to a better one, is a commitment in both time and money. You want to be sure you’re getting value for money and a system that fits your needs and objectives. Look out for the following elements to ensure you get the right fit.

Keep it personal

Even the most user-friendly system take adjusting to, so it’s best to opt for providers that offer free demonstrations online or in person. These are so much more worthwhile than a video tutorial, and give you the opportunity to explore how the system will work for you.

Everything included

Look for a solution that is flexible and scalable. Will it allow you to organise your business the way you want? Quite often companies offer a basic set of functions and then charge extra to access further business management features. Go for systems that offer the complete range of tools as standard, allowing you to streamline processes from the off. Systems where it is simple to add tills, back offices or even entire branches are the best solution for long term business growth.


The most efficient use of your time is to manage as many things as possible in one place. Search for providers that offer a range of app integrations:
  • Card payments
  • Ecommerce
  • Accounting packages
  • Customer management
  • Loyalty and gift cards


Check the type of support on offer. What is the availability? Will you get through to a human being and an expert? Can you call even if it’s just because you’ve forgotten how to do something and need someone to jump on and show you the way?

At POS LIMITED, we have everything you need to:
  • Maximise profits
  • Streamline processes
  • Minimise workload

Get in touch and arrange for your free, no-obligation demonstration of the powerful XSELL software suite.

Posted: 17-07-2023


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