How the Right EPoS System Drives Restaurant Efficiency

Table floorplan and management

A graphical floorplan interface makes it easy for the whole team to have an overview of the shift. It has the added benefit that the layout can be easily altered for high days and holidays when a different configuration is needed.

The table management software gives you colour codes for table status such as; mains away, waiting for payment and cashed off. This gives your whole team an at-a-glance view of where your diners are in their customer journey, and be able to better judge how long it will be until a table becomes free again.

Ordering at table

When handwriting orders there is always room for errors – writing things down incorrectly or the chef mistaking the order because of illegible handwriting. And there’s always extra time spent keying the order into the POS. When your team can enter an order into a handheld device it keeps things accurate and more efficient.

Bill Splitting

Avoid lengthy times at the till, splitting up a bill for a party table. Our software is a doddle to use. Simply use the ‘split bill’ function and drag items into easy to navigate tickets.

Integrated payments

Try partially integrating your card payments with your POS system. With a range of renowned payment partners, you can chose a solution that suits you best, secure in the knowledge that everything PCI related is taken care of by them.

There is also less chance of mistake if the team don’t have to key in the amount separately, the chip and pin device is connected to the EPoS software and happens automatically.

Special Offers and Early Bird

Our EPoS software makes short work of promotions or early bird offerings. Easily formulate discounts or any kind of multi-buy options. Promotions can be created ahead of time and configured to come into effect on a given date, giving you time to promote your offers and generate any price labels/ menu changes required.

Jump into the Future

Here at POS, we know how crucial it is for you to have efficient systems, allowing you to offer a smooth service. That’s why we have developed a suite of systems, tailored to the needs of today’s busy hospitality industry. As well as the easy to use software, we supply all the hardware and peripherals. Everything centralized helping to drive your business and profits forward.

Jump into your future with us by booking a free, no-obligation demonstration. Call us on 01422 349083 or email

Posted: 12-11-2021


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