How our EPOS Boosts your Profits

Every good EPOS system should include features which help you to do three crucial things; maximise profits, streamline processes and minimise workload.

Our XSELL management suite is packed with profit boosting features in 3 main areas.

1) Engage Your Customers

It’s easier to keep customers than find new ones, so it’s worth doing everything possible to keep them loyal. Our point of sale software has features designed to keep you attractive to your customer base.

Loyalty card management comes as standard with the XSELL system. Easy to set up, loyalty cards are an effective way to keep customers coming back for more. The system automatically links spend data providing powerful customer insight. Rewarding for the customer and simple for staff to manage at the point of sale, loyalty from the POS LTD System fully automates your systems so they will effectively run themselves.

By knowing your customers you can identify consumer behaviour and understand purchasing patterns, all of which can be used for marketing purposes.

The XSELL POS software system also generates and manages voucher codes. As a versatile marketing tool, voucher codes can be used to drive sales, manipulate customer behaviour and reward customer loyalty.

The software lets you easily band groups of customers together, which is ideal for running promotions.

2) Effective Planning

The XSELL comprehensive reporting suite means you can build an accurate picture of any seasonal fluctuations in sales. Both under ordering and over ordering inefficiencies can tie up your cash flow and squander profits. Having an overview of these differences means you can be prepared and even be able to expand your reach at the right points in time with less risk.

3) Efficient Purchasing

Use XSELL’s stock management suite to gain valuable real-time insights into your sales. See what stock is moving and what isn’t selling so well. It’s appealing to bag the bulk discounts from suppliers but this can very quickly become a false economy if they don’t shift and you are stuck with excess stock you have to discount heavily to get rid of, reducing your return on investment. XSELL software allows you to pin point when the most financially effective time to re order is.

Our free, online demo service gives you an overview of the point of sale and back office software. Just contact us to arrange!

Posted: 10-01-2023


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