How EPOS Revolutionises your Business

Technological advancements, along with the way we utilise them, have revolutionised the way we do business forever. EPOS systems are at the heart of this change, and here is why EPOS businesses are the most successful.

What is EPOS?

Electronic Point of sale systems are much more than a touch screen till to log payments. They are complex software management systems, designed to improve and streamline operations across every area of business, including payment processing, inventory management, accounting and data collection.

How can it help my business?

The advantage of EPOS systems are that they are a way of automating your business processes as well as collating data on your sales.

It’s also serves as a central hub that can directly connect to other branches of the business such as card payment machines, ecommerce websites and accountancy apps. This is much more time efficient for the business owner as data is automatically sent direct from the EPOS system.

Ecommerce – product data is populated on your website automatically from the epos system. Website sales data and sales orders are sent direct to the epos system. The system will tell you when a sales order is received – you don’t need to be constantly checking.

Stock management – the ability to collect data means you can really be efficient with your stock so you never run out of stock or conversely, tie up too much of your working capital.

Customers – by being able to report on customer buying habits allows you to curate better what sells best. It can also help you plan the most effective promotions and create effective marketing strategies.

Purchasing & Supplier Management – automate purchase ordering systems and dramatically reduce administration time and remove implications of over and under purchasing. Purchase order templates save a lot of time for regular items. You can set up re-order trigger points. With a hand held device you can simply walk round the store, scan the barcode and then input the order quantity to add to a purchase order.

Reporting suite – utilising reports enables you to be business efficient. It’s not just the full range of sales reports, by any timeframe, VAT analysis etc. You can also report by supplier or brand, by discount sales, gift card and promotional sales. Analyse customer interactions by type (account/loyalty/business/personal), last sale date or products purchased etc.
All this reporting capability means you can stock and promotion-plan effectively, learn the seasonal fluctuations and easily access meaningful business insights, management tools and sales analysis.

At POS LTD we have the EPOS solution for you to:

  • Maximise profits
  • Streamline Processes
  • Minimise Workloads

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Posted: 15-02-2024


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