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EPoS System

Your choice.

Ensure you purchase an EPoS system immediately capable of everything you currently need, and additionally, anything you think you may want later so you don't have the upheaval of changing EPoS to add new features and capabilities.
If there is anything unusual that you may require, something specific to you or your industry, can the software provider you go with develop the software further to meet your unique requirements?
If possible use a supplier that will guarantee hardware compatibility.
If you intend to use an accounts software package like SAGE, where possible select an EPoS system that is able to export data in a format that SAGE can import.

Installation & Training

Don't be left paying for a system that you can't immediately use because you've come unstuck while installing the software or configuring the hardware. If you choose a system that is installed in person you can be guaranteed that your hardware is compatible and that your software is properly installed and configured.
Training is essential to get the best out of the software you are using, even if you have worked in retail for some time.

Ongoing Support

Your EPoS system should be well supported and, preferably, from the UK. Till and back office software are critical to the smooth running of your business, so you don't want to be kept waiting if something goes wrong. Some cloud based systems for example are developed and supported by companies largely abroad.


Cast your net wide

A web presence is essential and if you are selling in-store there is hardly ever a valid reason for not also selling online.
To keep track of orders and stock levels its important to link your selling channels together, so make sure you use an integrated solution.


Guard your assets

Always install Anti-virus software and keep it up to date. Avast is highly recommended.
A semi-integrated Chip and Pin solution using a highly regarded payment provider like Global Payments and industry leading Chip and Pin machines from Ingenico will minimise your PCI compliance requirements.
For your online presence using a third party gateway, like PayPal or SagePay, will mean that you neither harvest nor store sensitive credit card details yourselves, which is one less headache for you and one less concern for your end customers.

Posted: 13-03-2018


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