EPoS tailored to Equestrian Stores

Master and Product Functionality -

Superb for when you buy things in bulk, but sell in smaller quantities, such as animal feeds. The stock control function logs the sale of any smaller weight sale and deducts it from the master product automatically.

Veterinary Medicines Regulations -

POS software runs within VMR regulations. The system will only allow medicinal items to be sold with the authority of a SQP (suitably qualified person). It handles batch numbers and expiry dates. It is Easy to run reports on all aspects of this type of sale.

Size and Colour Variations -

Say goodbye to till bottlenecks or abandoning your customers in order to rummage in the stockroom looking for a different size or colour. The POS handheld system allows you to easily access all the different variations available in every product and across all stores.

Second Hand Goods -

Easily manage sales where VAT is only applicable to the profit made.

Feature-rich EPoS

Our Back Office software, Xsell, works hard for you, helping you to streamline processes and maximise profits. Features include...

 - Stock control
 - Stock management
 - Purchase ordering
 - Real-time reporting
 - Staff management
 - Card payment integration
 - Website integration
 - Loyalty and gift cards

...To name but a few.

The POS till interface is easy to use, so staff training only takes a few minutes.

For more information, or to book a free, no-obligation online demonstration, please call 01422 349083 or email

Posted: 15-11-2021


E121 E Mill
Dean Clough
West Yorkshire

If you have a support issue or sales query please telephone:

01422 349083


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