EPOS for the Hospitality Industry

Everyone in the hospitality industry needs till and back office software which is user friendly, efficient, and supports excellent customer service.
That’s why our software is packed with features specifically developed for any size of cafe, bar or restaurant.

Table Management

The till gives you a graphical view of the table set-up. It allows you to configure different table set ups and scroll between floor plans. You can assign how many covers are at each table and the system tracks them throughout their journey with you. It’s also simple to move or combine tables, so you can easily manage any changing situation. You have a visual overview of each customer’s status, so no one will ever be left hanging.

Mobile Ordering

Save time and use hand held devices. Orders are sent direct from the table to tills and printers. Any change in orders is updated in real time.

Split Bills

Take the manual adding up out of a request for a split bill. Our system easily allows you to either make a selective split where a customer can elect which dishes and drinks they would like to pay for, or split the bill equally amongst party members.

Allergy Advice

The till systems allows you to note any allergies on the order. This way the kitchen will always be aware and be able to advise if necessary.

Set Menus/Early Bird

These features allow you to programme prices of dishes individually and as part of a set menu. Our software makes short work of promotions and special offers. Easily formulate discounts or multi-buy offers. Promotions can be created in advance and configured to come into effect on a given date or time.

Stock management, purchasing, loyalty scheme, staff management and a full reporting suite are all included. The POS back office suite has all the tools to ensure you maximise profits.

We offer free, no-obligation online demonstrations, so you can see how the POS system can benefit your business.

Posted: 10-06-2024


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