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Your business doesn’t need to be niche to have niche needs. When it comes to choosing an EPOS system, look for a flexible solution that can work the way you need it to. Our XSELL is designed with functionality to fit any size of business, allowing you to:

• Maximise profits
• Streamline processes
• Minimise workloads

Small Business

Run a small business with one till? The POS XSELL software - EPoS software is perfect for you. The ‘back office’ management software suite can be installed onto the till. So, if you need to be on the shop floor while you get your admin done, this is the solution for you.

Medium Business

Own a medium sized business with a body of staff and more than one till? The POS XSELL system is perfect for you. If you want dedicated tills and an office PC to run the business, this is the solution for you. You can oversee every till and manage the admin side of the business from an office away from the shop floor.

Larger Business

Do you have a larger business with multiple branches? The POS XSELL system is perfect for you. If you are a multi-store business, you can manage your branches and ecommerce from another location, allowing you to oversee all store activity effectively.


Want to know more?

Take advantage of a free, no-obligation demonstration of the XSELL software functionality and how it fits your business needs.

Explore the main XSELL features.

Find out about the range of hardware and peripherals available.

Opt for error free card payment integration with our industry leading partners.

Get ahead with:

  • Business insights
  • Management tools
  • Sales analysis

Posted: 10-01-2024


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