EPOS/Ecommerce Integration. Saving you Time and Resources

Every business needs a website in order to succeed these days. Online sales grew rapidly during the pandemic, and although people have returned to shopping in store, sales remain high according to the ONS 

Getting Ahead of the Game

Fully integrating your EPOS and ecommerce website is going to save you hours of work and ensure an efficient service.

Single set-up of products

You only have to set up your product details once and it will automatically update to your website. This includes product type, price, description, size and colour variances and images. If you want certain products only to be sold in store or on line, you can easily configure these options within the POS software.

Easy promotions set-up

A standout feature of the POS software is setting up promotions in the POS system automatically sends them to an integrated website. These include temporary sales prices as well as all kinds of multi-buy promotions.

You can also flag products you want to highlight so that they appear prominently on your home page. Not all EPOS with ecommerce is this well integrated.

Making short work of click-and-collect

Any items placed on a POS integrated website will automatically be picked up and processed by the POS back office solution. This means easy tracking, picking and despatching. Each picking list shows images, bin locations, departments and more, so picking is smoothly efficient.

Loyalty brings rewards

Customers can earn their loyalty points both in-store or on-line with an integrated ecommerce solution from POS. Customer spend data is visible within the POS Backoffice software. By understanding customer buying behaviour you can use these insights to tailor marketing campaigns.

Accept Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be used for both in-store and on-line purchases with POS integrated ecommerce solution. As the name suggests; as these are given as gifts, it’s a great way to gain new customers.

Search Engine Friendly

Our websites show your business off to best advantage.
We ensure that your website pages have suitable META Titles and META Descriptions. To make internal link URLs friendlier, we dynamically add keywords to them, and where possible, we make sure that a page can only be accessed through a single URL. All these ensure search engines can easily index your site, making it much more visible under relevant searches.

Content is key with search engines, which is why we include a section on each category page where the keyword rich content search engines love can be added.

Our blog facility means you can regularly post articles, further boosting your website’s visibility.

We also provide our customers with a monthly report on how their websites are performing in Google searches.

We’ll Take Care of It

Integrated EPOS and ecommerce from POS Ltd is a great way to:
• Maximise Profits
• Streamline Processes
• Minimise Workload

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Posted: 04-04-2023


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