Data Analysis for Business Efficiency

Our XSELL back office software offers a wide range of features enabling you to report on all areas of your business.
By being able to drill down into the detail of your sales, you will quickly be able to streamline operations and maximise profits.


You can run sales reports over any time frame (even hourly) and also include margins. This helps you to gauge any fluctuations within the timeframe. It is particularly useful when it comes to planning for sales peaks and troughs.

Run reports by till or staff member. You can track busy periods and helps you to plan your staffing and even incentivise your work force.

Being able to report on customer sales means you can market more effectively based on their spend history.


There are many stock reports available. When you have an overview, you can easily plan for seasonal fluctuations and keep the right amount of stock in. This means you won’t sell out of best selling items, and disappoint your customers. Conversely, you can guard against an over stocked store room with too much cash tied up in stock.
Stock reports allow you to see what’s selling and what’s not. You can also report on all faulty items you have received, so you can be very clear when communicating with suppliers.

Some other highlights

Online sales reports mean you can quickly see how much of each product is sold via your internet sites. It’s very useful for keeping the right products in stock at the right levels.
Report on VAT analysis, restricted sales, staff discount sales and many other analytical angles. Another system feature allows you to design your own stock or sales reports by simply selecting the fields you wish to report on.

Why choose us

Unlike many providers, we don’t charge incrementally for anything over and above basic till functions. All the features within the back office, stock management, purchase ordering and the full reporting suite are included as standard. We offer in person and online training and are available on the phone seven days a week.

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Posted: 13-10-2023


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