Customer retention in uncertain times

Consistency is key

However your customers purchase from you, you want them to have a high-quality experience. Ensuring the same levels of service, whatever the selling channel, will help make them regulars. Whether they are buying in-store, browsing your ecommerce website or collecting things bought earlier, your branding and expert service needs to be everywhere and the same across all channels.

Be the ones in the know

Nothing says great customer service like knowledgeable staff. Employees who have an in-depth knowledge of all products quickly build trust with the customers. It will build their confidence and make you stand out. If you have a busy ecommerce website why not introduce a live chat feature so your customers can ask questions? It makes for happy customers and potentially fewer returns to deal with!

Taking stock

That nightmare – you have one item in stock and you sell it online at the same time as selling it in store. Who are you going to let down? How long do you have to wait until you can replenish the stock?
Integrating your EPoS software with your website means you have a stock management system that works with you. You’ll see stock levels in real time and never over-sell again. You can see at a glance how fast your most popular items are selling, and with automatic re-ordering, you’ll never lose a sale for lack of stock again.

Loyalty brings rewards

A great way to retain customers is by offering them a loyalty card. Customers collect points each time they spend with you which can be redeemed by taking money off future purchases. Some systems offer a freebie once a certain spend amount is met. An EPoS system can manage all of this for you. A loyalty card is a good marketing tool. It encourages customers to spend with you and your branded card in their wallets means there is a regular reminder of your brand.

Getting to know your customer

Using your EPoS to track customer spend will pay you back and a loyalty card scheme makes it a lot easier to get to know your customers. Being able to target your marketing to buying habits and interests means you can engage more effectively with your customers in your campaigns. You will have higher sales conversions and happy customers!

Posted: 15-12-2021


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