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An essential part of running a retail business is the effective management of stock. This ensures you have the right products in store and online match customer demand. Monitoring stock levels, tracking sales, stock ordering and managing suppliers are important in keeping your business efficient.

Having an EPOS system in place does a lot of these functions for you. Gaining insights through sales and stock movement reports means you have tools at hand to keep you ahead of the game. Efficient processes and maximising profits are going to propel your business to the next level.

Let’s take a look at how this translates into your business in real terms.

Improve Customer Service

Only being a few clicks away from insights on customer buying habits means you can begin to build a picture and stock accordingly. Customers’ being able to rely on you having the products they want is great for customer retention. With real time stock updates across all stores and online means you’ll never oversell again. Easy product look-ups at the till ensure your staff are giving speedy customer service.

Reduced Costs

Firstly there’s stock balance – inventory management allows you to figure out exactly how much stock you need, so you never run out or tie up too much working capital in overstocking. Product turnover management calculates how many times your products sell, allowing for effective planning. This eradicates redundant stock tying up capital; stock room space and stock take time inefficiencies. If you have multiple store branches and/or an online store you can easily manage stock in real time over all locations.

Efficient Purchasing Processes

Set up minimum/maximum order quantities; re-order trigger points, lead times and price brakes with all your suppliers. Keep a close eye on stock that needs to be returned – it could help you to negotiate better price breaks. What once was a laborious task is now a work of moments, leaving you and your staff free to sell more!

Increased Insights

Being able to report on sales and stock means you have the ability to future-plan effectively. From what sells best at a certain time of day, to overarching seasonal trends means you can be pinpoint accurate with your stock levels. With this knowledge you can also plan promotions, tied in with seasonal demands.

The XSELL Suite

Take control of your business with the XSELL software suite from POS LTD.
  • Maximise Profits
  • Streamline Processes
  • Minimise workload
Here at POS, we 30+ years experience working with businesses from independent haberdashers and restaurants to large multi-site, multi-channel clothing retailers and everything in-between. We provide EPOS software and hardware tailored to your needs.

Want to explore more? Why not book a FREE DEMO of the XSELL software features for Tills and Back Office.

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Posted: 19-04-2023


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