7 ways EPoS helps Garden Centre performance

1) Tailored for you

When it comes to garden centres, one size definitely does not fit all. With a tailored system you can take advantage of all the information that is available to you from your point of sale and use it to effectively stay ahead of the competition, including the supermarkets.

2) No Internet down time

Our software is deliberately not on the cloud. We have found that many of our customers, such as garden centres, equestrian centres and farm shops are in rural areas where internet coverage can be poor or unreliable. Added to which, in larger establishments the WIFI doesn’t reach all areas. You can still trade if the internet goes down with our server-based software.

We are proud to say we are constantly monitoring and developing our systems for maximum reliability.

3) The best hardware and peripherals

We have partnership agreements with only the most robust and reliable hardware manufacturers, so you know you are getting equipment which will go the distance. Tills, cashboxes , label printers, weighing scales and handheld barcode scanners. We also have very good agreements with the some of the best card payment providers. AT POS Ltd, you are getting the hardware and chip & pin deals that suit you best.

4) Feature-rich POS terminals

 Speedy point of sale
 Easy to learn till system
 Easy to program presets
 Table management settings for cafes/restaurants
 Easy to handle gift card and loyalty card schemes

5) More benefits

 Ecommerce website integration
 Card payment integration
 Loyalty and gift card integration

6) Feature-rich Back Office from XSell

 Customer discounts
 Staff discounts
 Track stock balance and turnover
 Quick stock counts
 Real time stock counts
 Manage purchase orders
 Track best and worst sellers
 Track and plan for trends and seasonal variances
 Promotion management
 Cash reconciliation
 Track staff performance
 Management of warehouse and branch stock transfers
 Set VAT levels and exemptions easily

7) Support

 In-house support team
 Open 7 days a week

For any further information about how POS Limited can help your Garden Centre Grow, call 01422 349083

Or, why not book a free, no-obligation, 30 minute demonstration of the system layout and capabilities.

Posted: 02-11-2021


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