5 Reasons why it pays to have data centralisation

You want your customers to have a positive time with you. Every time a person walks through the door or clicks on your website, you want them to have a very positive experience so that they will:

• Return
• Be loyal
• Tell their friends
• Spend more

In order for this to happen, your establishment needs to be speedy, efficient, intuitive, and exceed their expectations, as well as making it very easy and satisfying for them to spend money with you.

Linking tills to a central back office means:

• More control
• Less administration time
• Clear insights into your business and customers
• A framework to build more business

So, let’s have a tour round where centralising data can radically improve your offering.

1 Stock Control

The right levels of stock are crucial to operational success. With EPoS inventory management software you can figure out exactly how much stock you need. It makes it a lot easier to avoid having to apologise for items being out of stock.

Having an overview helps avoid the loss of revenue for lack of stock or tying more than needed working capital where there’s too much.

Using your software to calculate how many times a product sells means you can make better use of your resources and stay ahead of the demand curve. You can also use historical data to predict future fluctuations and trends.

Never abandon a customer again by having going into the stockroom to check if you have the item/size they want in stock. Simply check stock levels from the till or integrated handheld device.

2 Interface Integration

An EpoS system that integrates with your website is worth having. It means you can control stock and pricing from one location and not be double handling everything. It also means your till and website will update stock levels and prices in real time.

Find a software system that will interface with your accounting software so you are not having to do things at least twice.

Integrating EPoS with card payment processes is a great help in streamlining the customer experience, as well as it eradicating mistakes when keying in totals.

3 Loyalty cards and Promotions

Price promotions and loyalty schemes are set up on the back office and then sent to your tills and integrated website seamlessly. Discounts can be offered to banded groups of customers, customer details harvested and you can report on customer sales.
Gift cards are a great way to attract new and returning customers and get your brand out there. The right software means gift cards are valid in every branch of your network.

4 Reporting

A feature rich software solution will allow a full and flexible range of reporting to keep things efficient and your customers satisfied, including|:

• Run reports on financial reconciliations and breakdowns of cash vs. card sales.
• Keep track of your best and worst selling products.
• Web vs. Store sales.
• Staff performance metrics.
• Customer analysis.
• Full audit transaction logs.

5 Purchase Order Management

Save you and your team many admin hours by utilising the capabilities of bespoke EPoS solutions. Pick a system which can:

• Eradicate the implications of over or under purchasing
• Templates with selection criteria.
• Minimum/maximum stock level criteria
• Link to a handheld device with barcode scanner – simply walk round the store, scanning a barcode and then inputting a quantity to raise the purchase order.

Upgrade to EPoS

Off-the-shelf offerings are fine, but restrictive. If you want a system which grows with you, then go for a more tailored solution.

All these back office functionalities help with the customer experience. The more your EPoS system works for you, the more you can work for your customers.

Posted: 13-10-2021


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