4 signs your EPoS needs an upgrade

1)  Your website is not fully integrated with your POS software

If you have an online presence, integrating it with your EPoS software will pay dividends. With real time stock levels and updates, you'll never over or under sell again. Product input only needs to be done once. The software makes it easy to plan and run promotions. 

2)  You aren't integrating your software with payment providers

Integrating credit and debit card payment technology with EPoS software improves the experience for customer and cashier alike. No more double handling or miskeying. The till talks directly to the chip & pin device making any transaction swifter and smoother. Pick an EPoS firm that will go into bat for you and get the best deals with payment providers. You can be secure that PCI compliance is maintained. Read more about card integration.

3)  Your loyalty cards are not integrating with your website.

There was a time when only the big hitters had loyalty cards, but now they have become a very useful marketing tool, helping to extend customer reach and brand awareness. One obstacle sure to put your customer off buying, is not being able to use their loyalty card if they are internet shopping with you. With an EPoS system integrated with your website your customers can stay loyal online.

4)  Your Point of Sale software doesn't operate the way you want it to.

Off-the-shelf solutions are great up to a point, but there is a better way. You want to keep the time you spend on all the administrative tasks to a minimum and still get the most out of your business. Choose software that lets you drill into the heart of your business. Find best and worst sellers, track stock balance and turnover, track and plan for trends and seasonal variences, track staff management and performance and all with seamless cash reconciliation. 

With Tailored and flexible  EPoS solutions from POS you'll be able to put your feet up more and let the system do the number crunching for you.

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Posted: 10-11-2021


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