4 Ways the Right EPOS Improves Customer Experience

Every time a person walks through the door of your establishment, or clicks on your website, you want them to have a positive and efficient experience. Having a customer leave, already planning their next visit and who they are going to tell about it, is the Holy Grail.

The right EPOS system can do a lot of the heavy lifting to ensure every customer’s experience is a happy one.

1 Interface integration

An EPOS system which integrates with your ecommerce website saves you a lot of work and is a smoother experience for your customer. Stock and sales figures are updated in real time, eradicating the risk of overselling and disappointing a customer.
Card payment integration means you eliminate the risk of miskeying totals into the card machine and makes for a smoother, quicker experience at the till.

2 Stock management

The right levels of stock are crucial to operational success. With EPoS inventory management software you can figure out exactly how much stock you need. It makes it a lot easier to avoid having to apologise for items being out of stock.

Having an overview helps avoid the loss of revenue for lack of stock or tying more than needed working capital where there’s too much.

Using your software to calculate how many times a product sells means you can make better use of your resources and stay ahead of the demand curve. You can also use historical data to predict future fluctuations and trends.

Never abandon a customer again by having going into the stockroom to check if you have the item/size they want in stock. Simply check stock levels from the till or integrated handheld device.

3 Loyalty cards and gift cards

Loyalty cards and gift cards are superb promotional tools.
Loyalty cards allow you to build up a profile of customer spending habits. This allows you to run more targeted campaigns. Rewarding for the customer and simple for staff to manage at the point of sale, an EPOS integrated loyalty will effectively run itself. You’ll retain customers both in-store and online when used in conjunction with your ecommerce website.

Gift Cards are another highly effective marketing tool in increasing sales, gaining new customers and increasing brand awareness. A good EPOS system will be flexible enough to assign any value to as well as top up the gift card. Gift cards can also be used on integrated ecommerce websites.

4 Reporting insights

Having an EPOS system with the full breadth of business insights to hand helps you every bit as much as it makes for a great customer experience. Reporting on sales patterns means you can build up a picture and plan for seasonal fluctuations.
Knowing what sells well when, allows you to prepare and promote accordingly.
Looking at till and staff performance helps you to hone a great customer experience at the point of sale.

Upgrade your epos

Off the shelf offerings can be fine, but are restrictive. A flexible solution which includes all business insight functionality as standard means you can grow your business and optimise your customers’ experience.

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Posted: 01-11-2023


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