3 Ways Loyalty Cards Boost Profits

3 Ways Loyalty Cards boost Profits

Loyalty cards have become hugely popular over the last years. Their popularity is not going to abate anytime soon and here’s why:

They help to increase profits.

Rewarding your customers for their patronage is a strong message for them to return and  encourage new ones to sign up.

1. Marketing

There are several ways loyalty cards can be an effective part of your marketing mix.
Just promoting them at the point of sale promotes the fact that your brand has worth and is a good investment. Not to mention it helps with brand visibility.

You can up-sell to your loyalty card holders with special offers to encourage return visits.

With the data you collect from your loyalty card shoppers you can easily tailor campaigns that complement their spending habits.

Offering discounts or extra rewards for referring a friend is also a great way to spread the word about your brand.

All of this means overall you can lower your marketing costs.

2. Customers

As the old saying goes; it’s easier to retain existing customers than find new ones. That’s why it pays dividends to keep your customer base loyal. People are much more likely to return when they feel their custom is valued.

Honing in on providing a frictionless, positive customer experience with rewards will grow your business organically.

Loyal customers will spread the word about your high quality service, upping brand awareness.

Loyalty card customers have a higher lifetime spend. When rewarded for shopping the tendency is to shop more! Add tailored deals based on spending habits and you’ve got yourself an irresistible offering.

3. Identifying trends

As mentioned above, being able to track spending habits makes it easy to up-sell in the right area.

You will be able to spot trends with product lines, seasonal requirements and what type of promotions work best and when. It’s so much better for your bottom line when you know your customers well.

Integrated loyalty

A loyalty card scheme integrated with EPOS software makes it easy and a lot less time consuming to manage and effectively promote to your customers.

Our loyalty card scheme is included with your POS LTD XSELL software suite. It is easy to set up and run and can be used in store and online with an integrated website.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation online demo of the XSELL features.

Posted: 24-03-2023


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