The Gift That Keeps On Giving - How the right EPoS package helps you run successful promotions.

Having the right EPoS package is crucial in running and managing successful promotions. The system needs to be flexible, robust and easy to administer.

That’s where we come in.

Discounts and Promotions

With our EPoS software it’s straightforward to set up and run any kind of promotion or
discount campaign.

Discounts can be offered to all, or particular bands of customers. Any type of multi-buy offer can be designed, no matter how complex. Added to which, it is easy to apply any promotions to websites integrated with our software.

Another great feature is that promotions can be set up in advance and programmed to start on any given date, giving you time to prepare and promote your offers.

Customer Loyalty Points

Having a loyalty points’ scheme integrated with our market-leading XSELL Software suite  gives you valuable customer insights, allowing you to then run more successful and targeted promotional campaigns.

The POS Loyalty module fully automates your systems, making it as rewarding for your customer as it is easy for your staff to manage at the point of sale.
When your website is integrated with our software, loyalty cards can also be used online.

Voucher Codes

As a versatile marketing tool, voucher codes can be used to drive sales, influence customer behaviour and reward customer loyalty.
Our XSELL EPoS System  can create or import voucher codes for the redemption of promotions, discounts or payments, and can be used in store or online.

Gift Card Processing

Gift Cards are an effective tool to help your business increase sales, gain new customers and boost brand awareness. Our gift card module makes it easy and affordable for you to offer a branded gift card to your customers – one of the most cost-effective marketing tools there is.

Choose an EPoS system which centralises all your promotional offerings, so you can:
• Increase your reach through loyalty and gift card promotions
• Capture customer data and spending habits so you can personalize your marketing to them
• Establish and maintain loyalty and return business
• Increase brand awareness

Together we can drive your business forward. Book a free, no-obligation demonstration today!

Posted: 13-10-2021


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